Latest NAVs & KIIDs

Class name ISIN Daily Indicative NAV
A GBP IE00B4XJ6M51 £850.30 Download
A GBP (Hedged) IE00B84J1387 £291.38 Download
A GBP Rep IE00B5TSDF57 £473.89 Download
A GBP Rep (Hedged) IE00B7CQ5P44 £270.26 Download
A EUR IE00B816MN92 €442.69 Download
A EUR (Hedged) IE00B615L028 €389.92 Download
A EUR Rep IE00BYVDR711 €242.17 Download
A EUR Rep (Hedged) IE00BYVDR828 €212.39 Download
A USD IE00B837NY85 $438.02 Download
A USD (Hedged) IE00B7FN3K33 $492.02 Download
A USD G-Rep IE00BGQYP684 $246.32 Download
A USD G-Rep (Hedged) IE00BGQYP791 - Download
A NOK IE00B8DTFC60 kr123.22 Download
A NOK - Norwegian IE00B8DTFC60 kr123.22 Download
A NOK (Hedged) IE00B8DTFB53 kr286.05 Download
A NOK (Hedged) - Norwegian IE00B8DTFB53 kr286.05 Download
C USD IE000JWHAL16 $123.62 Download
I GBP IE00B6XHPP99 £626.39 Download
I GBP (Hedged) IE00B89T6W73 £433.89 Download
I GBP Rep IE00B92N8L63 £302.82 Download
I GBP Rep (Hedged) IE00B9CGFZ84 £340.97 Download
I EUR IE00B6TTBP14 €473.47 Download
I EUR (Hedged) IE00B7FN3L40 €416.71 Download
I EUR Rep IE00BYVDR935 €268.10 Download
I EUR Rep (Hedged) IE00BYVDRB54 - Download
I EUR G-Rep IE00BF0SHJ63 - Download
I EUR G-Rep (Hedged) IE00BF0SHK78 €135.12 Download
I USD IE00B84H3N65 $363.64 Download
I USD - Norwegian IE00B84H3N65 $363.64 Download
I USD (Hedged) IE00B416FT81 $516.03 Download
I USD G-Rep IE00BWK22V48 $253.74 Download
I USD G-Rep (Hedged) IE00BWK22W54 - Download
I NOK IE00B8DTFZ97 kr506.16 Download
I NOK - Norwegian IE00B8DTFZ97 kr506.16 Download
I NOK (Hedged) IE00B8DTFF91 kr278.43 Download
I NOK (Hedged) - Norwegian IE00B8DTFF91 kr278.43 Download
G NOK IE000OTQ8BD5 - Download
G NOK - Norwegian IE000OTQ8BD5 - Download
G NOK (Hedged) IE000145TZL7 - Download
G NOK (Hedged) - Norwegian IE000145TZL7 - Download
M GBP IE00B7RLH926 £677.11 Download
M GBP (Hedged) IE00B7K5NW61 £331.31 Download
M GBP Rep IE00B8BQXZ82 £512.27 Download
M GBP Rep (Hedged) IE00B7SFRY86 £302.49 Download
M EUR IE00B8BPS942 €334.08 Download
M EUR Rep IE00BFMN2270 €178.65 Download
M EUR (Hedged) IE00B8BVFG80 €179.08 Download
M EUR Rep (Hedged) IE00BFMN2387 €158.27 Download
M USD IE00B8C1Z788 $239.17 Download
M USD (Hedged) IE00B80R6976 $593.84 Download
M USD Rep IE00BKWC6X84 $152.95 Download
M USD Rep (Hedged) IE00BKWC6Y91 - Download
Class name ISIN Daily Indicative NAV
Investor GB00BQ985V23 $703.84
Management GB00BLC8K974 $925.53


  1. Egerton Capital Equity Fund is a sub-fund of Egerton Capital Equity Fund plc, an umbrella fund with segregated liability between sub-funds.
  2. Egerton Capital Equity Fund – please note the returns for investors within the same I class may differ due to the performance fee accruing at different rates because of performance fee equalisation.
  3. Egerton Capital Equity Fund & Egerton Capital Investment Fund (QIS) – performance data is based on net NAV per share information provided by SMT Fund Services (Ireland) Limited, the fund’s administrator.